Oil & Gas Atlas of Libya on ArcGIS Online

The descriptions in our online atlas of the oil and gas fields of Libya, the maps, cross-sections and reserves estimates, are more comprehensive, transparent and authoritative than any others previously available to the industry and represent an essential aid to any company actively interested in Libya. The state of the art format allows for regular updates e.g. recent horizontal wells, current production figures, production downtime and, of course, up to date estimates of remaining reserves, reserves growth, EOR and etc.


License holders are able to:


  • Zoom and navigate over the entire map of Libya
  • Search for data on specific fields and wells
  • Review top reservoir depth maps for any field
  • Identify trapping mechanisms
  • Discover oil and gas reserves estimates for any field
  • See the specific data (porosity, Sw etc) behind the reserves estimates
  • Select geological cross sections across any field or region and read about the key petroleum systems (the plumbing)
  • Access our new general and technical oil and gas news feed application which uses 'live' information to project discovery wells, as well as providing carefully filtered news items to keep the user directly informed on industry and region-specific activity (available on the Atlas-App; see App Trial).


All of this with a few clicks, even on a smartphone or tablet.


Atlas LibyaSubscriptions are available for Prime, Master and Elite packages and licensees may select from countrywide coverage down to specific basins. The online product is updated six monthly.


The 'ESRI ArcGIS Online' platform is a 'Cloud' based Geographical Information System (GIS) that is used to deliver the Nubian Consulting ‘Oil and Gas Atlas of Libya’ to clients through the internet. ESRI is the world leader in the area of Geographical Information Systems and provides the benchmark product in the oil industry. The service allows viewing and accessing of geospatial data via the ArcGIS Online webpage, where no additional servers or infrastructure are required.


Raqubah field

Oil & Gas Atlas


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