Oil and Gas Atlas of Libya on ArcGIS Online FAQs

What information is available in the Online Atlas?

The Nubian Consulting Oil & Gas Atlas of Libya on ArcGIS Online offers information on oil and gas fields (developed and undeveloped) and also all discovery wells in Libya up to and including 2012. Information on geology, structure, history and reserves are given for all of these. Top reservoir structure map and field cross-section (with petroleum system description) are given for 80% plus of fields with originally recoverable reserves of more than 10 million barrels of oil or 60bcf of gas. Reservoir parameters and transparent reserves calculation data are given for each field in addition to reservoir depth maps. Oil and gas reserve estimates are available for any field with specific data (porosity, Sw etc.) backing up the reserves estimates. For each field important petroleum system information is present e.g. the trapping mechanism can be identified. More information can be found on the main Oil and Gas Atlas page of this website.


Where does your data come from?

The data has been sourced over the last 30+ years in the course of consultancy work on Libya and through connections in Libya by the Principal Consultant Dr. Clark-Lowes and Nubian Consulting Associate Don Hallett.


Where will you get data for updates from?

Nubian Consulting has cooperation agreements with GeoRex-UK, Energy and Geoscience Institute (EGI) in Utah and both Joubala Energy Services and Maghreb Group in Libya; through these and other contacts Nubian is continually updated on industry activities in Libya; the information obtained is used to provide material that is combined with ongoing forward projections and re-evaluations to keep the Atlas up to date.


How often do updates occur?

Full updates are conducted annually on 31st January with key data updated also on 31st July.


How long does my licence last?

You have the option of an annual licence or a discounted 3 year licence, where after this period you will be given the opportunity to extend your existing arrangement for a following year.


Can I run it on my computer?

Your Nubian Consulting Oil & Gas Atlas of Libya on ArcGIS Online can be used on any computer device with a web browser, from a desktop computer, a smartphone or even a tablet. 


How many users do I get with my Online Atlas licence?

With each Nubian Consulting Oil and Gas Atlas, typically you have 4 users, each with a separate login.


Is there any technical support?

Maintenance support is available from Nubian Consulting staff. After initial free consultation a nominal hourly rate fee will be charged. 


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