Oil & Gas Atlas App - you bring the data, we build the app

Nubian Consulting has built up the capability to rapidly deploy online GIS atlas-apps, and can quickly update these leveraging the power of the internet. We can discuss with you your specific requirements and develop a comprehensive atlas-app for any region of the world. We work with complete confidentiality when dealing with proprietary company data.


Oil & Gas Atlas App


Our GIS atlas-app service provides:

  • global reach
  • quick conversion turnaround period
  • dedicated team of GIS experts, geoscience specialists and developers
  • proven experience with Oil & Gas Atlas of Libya (see page) which features a high level of detail, more than market competitors


Our GIS atlas-app platform is designed to ease the use and accessibility of data required for today’s exploration challenges. The platform bring’s together:

  • map and details of oil and gas fields (regional/ nationwide)
  • detailed commentary and reserves estimates for oil & gas fields
  • petroleum province boundaries
  • petroleum province and field structure contour and fault maps
  • well locations
  • field and regional cross sections
  • current licence map
  • terminal and pipeline map


A free demo can be accessed online here, which features the Oil & Gas Atlas-App of Libya.


If you have a particular interest in creating a similar dataset for a specific region, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.


Oil & Gas Atlas


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