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Nubian Consulting has recently completed detailed prospect and hydrocarbon play analyses for potential exploration and development in Libya on behalf of international oil companies and has in depth contemporary (post-revolution) knowledge of conditions in country. The consultancy has also undertaken contracts in recent years on the petroleum geology of Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and the Eastern Mediterranean.

  • Pre-bid evaluation of Haha licences, Amsittene Diapir and Essaouira Basin, onshore (2013)
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of Cabre Maroc onshore Rif Basin acreage (2002-2004)
  • Prospectivity report on Essaouira Basin (Scott Pickford study, 1989)
  • Evaluation of Berkine Basin acreage in third ALNAFT licensing round (ninth round held in Algeria) for Chinese client (2011)
  • Evaluations of Algerian licence round acreage for Canadian Oil Company client (2001)
  • D Clark-Lowes co-authored paper on the Palaeozoic Petroleum Systems of North Africa (mainly Algeria) published in ‘Petroleum Geology of North Africa (1998) Geol Soc Sp Pub 132 (product of a 3 year study with Occidental)
  • Don Hallett employed by Sonatrach 1971 to1976 initially as District Geologist and then as Chief Geologist, District IV (Triassic Basin)
  • Pre-bid evaluation of Tanezzuft Shale in southern onshore for shale gas (2013)
  • Evaluations of Tunisian acreage and farm in opportunities e.g. for South African Oil Co Client (2010) and for PA Resources (1994/1995)
  • D Clark-Lowes advised the national oil enterprise (ETAP) on the petroleum potential and promotion the of its acreage onshore and offshore (1988-1991)
  • Sarir Field reservoir and EOR study on behalf of a major Japanese oil company (2012)
  • Study of the Sarir Sandstone stratigraphic trap play on behalf of a major Chinese oil company (2012)
  • Messlah Field study on behalf of a major Japanese oil company (2012)
  • Review Antelat and four other Libyan Oil Fields on behalf of a UK investment bank (2012)
  • Text Report 'Oil Reserves of Libya; Past, Present and Future' non-exclusive report completed 2008 and revised 2009
  • Kufrah Basin Study - Exploration evaluation of the Kufrah basin - academic aspects of this study were published in the Proceedings of the Geology of East Libya (Third Symposium on the Sedimentary Basins of Libya - conference date 2004; published 2009)
  • Murzuq Basin Report - 'Petroleum System and Play Fairway Analysis of the Murzuq Basin, Southwest Libya' non-exclusive report prepared primarily for the First and Second EPSA IV licence rounds; undertaken jointly with David Boote (2004–2008)
  • Preparation of a bid to NOC for participation in existing Libyan oil discoveries on behalf of a major Japanese oil company (2007)
  • NW Offshore - Proprietary exploration evaluation of the NW Offshore focusing on the EPSA IV first round acreage (2006)
  • Late Ordovician Glacial Reservoir - Thematic study, aspects of which were published in the Proceedings of the Geologist's Association in 2005 (Doug Shearman memorial volume).Paper received 'Most cited award'.
  • Don Hallett employed by Sirte Oil Company 1987 to1997 initially as Coordinator of Subsurface Geology, then Geological Lab and finally as Head of Regional Studies
  • Regional review of prospectivity of east and west Mediterranean on behalf of IOC (2011–2013)
  • Evaluation of farm in deals in Adriatic (2011-2012)
  • Evaluation of Maltese licence round acreage (2011)
  • Future gas production – an economic modelling project for EGPC (State Company) undertaken jointly with Economic Consulting Associates (2006)
  • Review of Western Desert petroleum province for IOC client (2005)
  • Review of Lebanon offshore licence round acreage for IOC (2012–2013)