Oil and Gas Atlas of Libya on ArcGIS Online: Licensing Terms

Pricing table


The Prime package (£20,000 annually) includes all mapping, reserves and reserves calculations data (remaining reserves calculated to end 2012; updated annually); also field cross-sections (with information on petroleum systems) and stratigraphic columns.


The Master package (£35,000 annually) is a more comprehensive package which includes all data in the Prime package plus past and current detailed geographical and corporate information on licensing, and additional cross-sections, stratigraphic charts and play fairway maps. A key feature of this package is a newly created general and technical newsfeed including gps-specific news items such as test results of discovery wells, data on field production and pipeline throughput etc.


The Elite package (£50,000 annually) allows licensees to become affiliates of Nubian Consulting benefitting not only from all the data in the Master package but also sharing selective access to hard data packages on Libya in Nubian Consulting's archives.


  • Atlas may be licensed by basin (see table above); minimum licence fees apply (Prime Package
    minimum fees: annual - £9000; three year - £22,500).
  • For Licensees of the countrywide Atlas, Nubian Consulting is willing to acquire an ArcGIS Online licence for the purchaser from ESRI and act as Administrator providing the purchaser with up to four separate users (conditions apply – see below).
  • Licence renewal date is 12 months from the effective date of the licence.
  • The Atlas is fully updated annually on 31st January with key data updated also on 31st July.
  • Maintenance support for the Online Atlas is available from Nubian Consulting; after initial free consultation a nominal hourly fee will be levied to cover costs.


Licence Administrator terms:
- a small administration charge will be levied by Nubian Consulting to cover costs of this service
- the ESRI licence has an annual allowance of 2500 credits; any credits used above 2500 are subject to a charge for which Nubian Consulting would seek recompense


Other notes
- a hard copy of the 2009 Atlas is available for £90,000
- the existing desktop digital Atlas is available for £90,000
- through collaboration with EGI in Utah, EGI's iCORDs global database may be used by EGI Corporate Associates as a platform for our online atlas

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